Retail Design International Vol. 2 – Components, Spaces, Buildings


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ISBN: 978-3-89986-259-1

Language: German / English

Year of publication: 2017

Pages: 248

Cover: Hardcover with spot varnish

Illustrations: 420 photos

Dimensions: 8.3 × 11.8 in

Product information "Retail Design International Vol. 2 – Components, Spaces, Buildings"
Present-day retail worlds must keep up with digitisation through online retailing, augmented or virtual reality. However, human components and analog-real spaces have never quite lost their appeal. This new standard work about the retail sector shows what new retail formats and new forms of spatial expression can be created to appeal to all the senses.

It provides a current overview of innovations in multi-channel and omni-channel commerce, from pioneering in-store technology to new products. Around 50 current best-practice examples, from temporary pop-up stores to avant-garde brand worlds and hybrid retail centers offer an inspiring cross section from around the world.

Dr. Jons Messedat is an architect, designer and author. His expertise regarding architectural corporate identity is in demand at companies, conferences and universities in Germany. Switzerland and the USA.

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What do the Parisian chocolatier and sculptor Patrick Roger, the makers of the trendy Oslo fashion label Norwegian Rain, T-Michael and Alexander Helle have in common with the Stuttgart optician Andreas Kraft? They all believe in the magic and allure of well-designed shops. And that is not all – as entrepreneurs, they must make their shops the ambassadors of their brand, philosophy and products.The book is an exploratory tour of offbeat retail hotspots worldwide. The focus is on interesting personalities who make a relevant contribution to the topic of shop design and product presentation.Marc Heikaus is the owner of Heikaus Group, a Swabian family enterprise with around 50 employees, is active throughout Europe as a general contractor and supplier for turnkey ready shop design, combining design and innovation of the highest quality.Search inside on

Retail Design International Vol. 5 − Components, Spaces, Buildings
Hybrid systems not only revolutionise our mobility but also provide a fresh breath of air in retailing with the layering of various functions. Large-format building structures such as department stores and shopping centres are revitalised in line with climate optimisation and supplemented with small-scale mixed uses. Shared spaces for young start-ups and established brands offer greater variety and the opportunity to liven up too extensive spaces with new experiences and inspirations. Retail sharing has developed into an effective recipe against decreasing frequenting. The fifth edition of “Retail Design International” pursues the phenomenon of hybrid spaces between new work, leisure and retail worlds. It presents collaborative concepts from the European, Asian and Pacific regions that reveal opportunities for the transformation from a point of sale to a point of experience. The editor Dr. Jons Messedat is an architect, industrial designer and author. His expertise regarding the built identity of companies and brands – from design to management and realisation – is in demand among global companies, as a jury member in architecture and design competitions, as well as at universities in Germany, Switzerland and the USA.Search inside on

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The increasing trend towards digitisation seems to be spurring on bricks-and-mortar retailers. Hybrid spaces communicate with the customers as a matter of course on all levels: online, offline and on-site. Beyond conventional retail formats, this has spawned surprising concepts which combine aspects from different areas of life with each other. Clever hospitality offerings, curated showrooms as well as flexible co-working and event spaces complement established retail locations. At the same time, many malls and shopping centres have seen better days and have been completely refurbished.The new standard work about the sector presents the most recent developments in worldwide retail design with articles from experts working in interdisciplinary teams and innovative reference projects.Editor Dr. Jons Messedat is architect, designer and author. His expertise in the field of built Corporate Identity is in demand from global operations, as panel member in architecture and design competitions as well as at universities in Germany, Switzerland and the USA.Search inside on