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Dr. Petra Kiedaisch & Bettina Klett

Nr. 4 / 2021

How do you actually build a people's theater?

As simple as necessary, so as not to cause any fear about entering in the audience, and as chic as possible, because theater is not only about staging on stage. This is the answer of the architectural firm Lederer, Ragnarsdóttir, Oei (Stuttgart) and the construction company Reisch (Bad Saulgau). More on this in their book Münchner Volkstheater and in the following excerpt.

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Nr. 3 / 2021

How event design is transforming

With a Special Edition, the new Event Design Yearbook 2021 / 2022 takes a look at the latest developments in the industry. How are interaction, participation, creation and technologies changing in the design of events and which solutions put this into perfect practice? Besides 40 international highlights, experts share their thoughts on the future, such as Dr. Torsten Fremer from Klubhaus in an interview with author Katharina Stein.

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No. 2 / 2021

On the future of design education

250 experts from four continents conducted five years of research together with the iF Design Foundation and published the results in the "Whitebook on the Future of Design Education". Read this excerpt to find out what is lacking and what skills and techniques are required to equip junior designers with what they need for the future.

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No. 1 / 2021

How plants stimulate well-being in your working environment

You wish for a better room climate, more nature and inspiration in your working environment? In her book "Plants at Work", greenterior designer Miriam Köpf introduces a variety of offices she has lovingly planned and fitted with plants. A companion for all those looking to "green up" their work spaces.

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No. 6 / 2020

The future shift of trade fair stands

Seven new trends have been spotted by Sabine Marinescu and Janina Poesch, authors of the Trade Fair Design Annual 2020/21. With an array of international examples – real, hybrid and virtual – they provide insight into a scene which is massively changing. And they put the evidence right before us: The "New Normal" is already starting to take shape.

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No. 5 / 2020

Why museums remain reliable venues

Museums and their exhibitions continue their amazing success story. The new volume in the series, new exhibition design, showcases international trends in exhibition design and scenography, on 516 pages and with 110 projects. The editors prove that an alarming paradigm change for the museum is not expected; it is only a case of using knowledge and skills differently.

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No. 4 / 2020

What the event industry can learn from festivals

Crises, in spite of everything, have always produced something new: new agency models, new values, new attitudes. In an interview with agency head Cedric Ebener, the Event Design Yearbook 2020 / 2021 opens up perspectives on events with and after corona. The successful experience architect reveals what designers of brand experiences can learn from festival organisers.

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No. 3 / 2020 (German only)

Szenografie ist … Staunen

Von den Ursprüngen der Szenografie bis heute gilt: Die Kunst der Inszenierung im Raum versetzt Menschen in Staunen. Massiv geändert haben sich jedoch die Mittel. Welche analogen und digitalen Instrumente es gibt, wie man sie anwendet, welche Koryphäen man kennen sollte und wohin sich diese Disziplin entwickelt, zeigt erstmals unser Szenografie-Kompendium in Kooperation mit PLOT.

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No. 2 / 2020

Design between old clichés and new concepts

"Reading goes on": one could scarcely express it better than DIE ZEIT! Especially during these times, books are good for the soul and a whole wealth will be published again in the spring. Our rising star: "Not My Thing – Gender in Design" by Katharina Kurz and Pia Jerger. From a young perspective, they satirise common stereotypes and prove that girls do not always love pink and boys do not always prefer blue!

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No. 1 / 2020

The future of retail is hybrid

How can the retail sector respond to the changed requirements and wishes of customers of all generations and what retail concepts show perspectives for the new 20s? In the new Retail Design International Vol. 5, experts venture a look into the future and see a decade of collage that merges different spheres of life – hybrid spaces.

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