experimenta – A science center in a new dimension

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ISBN: 978-3-89986-347-5

Sprache: Englisch

Erscheinungsjahr: 2021

Seiten: 176

Einband: Hardcover

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Format: 22 x 29 cm

Produktinformationen "experimenta – A science center in a new dimension"

The book explains the development history of experimenta in the context of the educational institutions Science Center, Planetarium and Schülerlabore (Educational Laboratories). In addition, the contentual and methodological-didactic concept is conveyed clearly. The volume is rounded off with further information about the architectural design concepts of the two experimenta buildings: the repurposed historical Hagenbucher warehouse and the spectacular glass and steel new building by Sauerbruch Hutton.

Wolfgang Hansch, Dr. rer. nat. habil., studied geology, was responsible from 2005 for the concept and structure of experimenta that opened in 2009 in Heilbronn, and has been its Managing Director since 2007. He is the author and editor of numerous publications about earth history and cultural history topics. He has a seat on various educational committees and chairmanship of the Regional Association for Natural Science-Technical Youth Education in Baden-Württemberg. 

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