Sustainability in planning, design and architecture (site under construction)

We are increasingly realising that there is only one Earth, which we have been ruthlessly exploiting to date, that the climate is no longer changing in eons but in decades and that we do not have an unlimited supply of raw materials. There cannot and must not be a "business as usual", but it is not enough to tweak a few things; we have to completely rethink our lives in this world. This also applies to a large extent to the built world. Architects, engineers, planners and entrepreneurs face enormous challenges in the design, planning and realisation of future projects. We want to accompany this process of transformation with our publications.

Analysis, status report, solution approaches

In the first volume of his trilogy Non nobis - Über das Bauen in der Zukunft, published in 2022 with the subtitle: Ausgehen muss man von dem, was ist, the Stuttgart architect and entrepreneur Prof. Dr. Dr. Werner Sobek analyses the impact of the global construction industry on our climate. The results are downright frightening

non nobis Band 1
Ausgehen muss man von dem, was ist

non nobis Band 2
Die Randbedingungen des Zukünftigen

non nobis Band 3

What is already being done

With the new Sustainable Architecture & Design 2023 / 2024 yearbook, published by Interiorpark, we turn our attention to current projects in which the concept of sustainability is already being actively implemented in practice. Precisely because much is still in its infancy in the broad field of sustainability, there is a spirit of optimism, a desire for renewal and transformation that can be felt in each of the 40 international projects in this book.

The first edition of the yearbook Sustainable Architecture & Design 2023 / 2024

50 international projects present the most innovative and forward-looking solutions in five categories, whose contribution to Baukultur development is clearly recognisable. The focus is on all relevant areas of transformation development: use of resources, circular processes, biodiversity and much more. The editors take a holistic view of current developments in the construction industry and whet the appetite for something new. With InteriorPark. they have been driving sustainable developments in the construction industry since 2010.