Very I Person

ISBN 978-3-89986-224-9
Author/Editor Lee, Miri
Language englisch
Year of publication 2015
Pages 80
Cover Hardback
Dimensions 4.3 x 6 in
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Very I Person

Are we not all a bit VIP?

Everyone is a VIP, in their own way – what counts is the personality. Based on this idea, the illustrator Miri Lee presents around 60 va­rieties of VIPs, simply by replacing the word “Important” with other adjectives beginning with the letter “I” and illustrating them with sharp wit. The result is a contemporary and humourous collection of various VIPs, from “Very Ignorant” to “Very Insane” and “Very Intelligent”.

Miri Lee, born in 1986 in South Korea, is an illustrator and com­munications designer. She studied at the Kaywon School of Art & Design, then studied communication design at Constance Universi­ty. The book was put together as part of a project series by design students at Constance University for the “Year of Justice” 2015 in Constance.

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