The architect Norbert W. Daldrop founds the publishing house on 20 August as the subsidiary of the agency avstudios GmbH.

Photo: Günther Ahner

Norbert W. Daldrop


Körnerhaus in Stuttgart

And it takes off…

The Körner Haus in Stuttgart is the head office of the publishing house, by the traditional former site of the Schwäbische Tageszeitung (Swabian daily newspaper) and the printer Theodor Körner.

Photo: Frank Erber


The first ISBN of the publishing house is assigned to the book of the landscape architect “Hans Luz: Vom Vorgartenmäuerle zum Grünen U” (From the Little Front Garden Wall to a Green U), which is published on the occasion of the International Garden Show (IGS).

Plan: Hans Luz

 Körnerhaus in Stuttgart


Körnerhaus in Stuttgart

In touch with the latest trends

On behalf of avedition, the renowned architecture critic Amber Sayah publishes the competition documentation for the New Museum on the Museum Island in Berlin.

Photo: Günther Ahner


The first CD-ROMs about the star architects Le Corbusier, Richard Meyer and Aldo Rossi are released by avedition.




The first classic

The first yearbook about trade fair design in the world. The series now totals 20 editions and is considered a “classic” (Novum 10/2006).

Book: "Temporary Buildings" by Karin Schulte


The book about wine. Good.

The first luxury volume about new vineyard architecture in Bordeaux and the Napa Valley. It is awarded the international prize “Best Wine Book Photography”, true “eye candy” (Handelsblatt, 30.6.2000).

Book: "The Architecture of Wine" by Dirk Meyhöfer and Olaf Gollnek

 Buch zum Wein



The flourishing baroque calls…

The publishing house relocates to the former seat of royal power Ludwigsburg.


A lifestyle pioneer

The first book about “best designed hotels” is published, an absolute pioneer in the worldwide hype about designer hotels. 27 volumes and editions follow. ELLE praises them as “hotel guides for aesthetes” (3/2002).

 Hotels in Europa



Plagiarus award

to a copy pirated in China of the “red dot award: International Yearbook Communication Design”. The name of the forger remains unknown.

Bock: "red dot award: International Yearbook Communication Design 2002/2003" by Peter Zec


Show me the Future

The engineer and architect Werner Sobek shows the way into the future of building with an exhibition and a book.

Book: "Show me the Future" by Werner Sobek
Rendering Mercedes-Benz Museum: UNStudio, Amsterdam.

 Mercedes-Benz Museum



Specialist medium of the year

PLOT Magazine, distributed by avedition, edited by Janina Poesch, Sabine Marinescu and Rainer Häupl. So far 11 volumes have been published. Later it is joined by the magazine MUSEN.


One of the most beautiful in the world

“Stuttgart City Library” by the Korean architect Eun Young Yi is published. The German Library Association names it as the “Library of the Year 2013”.

Book: "Stuttgart City Library", Photo: Stefan Müller

 Stadtbibliothek Stuttgart



In best company

Dr. Petra Kiedaisch and Bettina Klett become shareholders. The publishing house moves back to Stuttgart, to the heart of the west and into an old publishing house built in 1901.

Photo: Günther Ahner


Images of summer

Our beach photos from “El Arenal” go around the world and are named “images of the summer” and “works of art” (Sunday Times Magazine 08/2015).

Book: "El Arenal" by Dennis Orel and Oliver Kröning

 El Arenal



The world is not enough

Our international presence is widening again. With the sales partner ACC (London), the publishing house is extending its distribution network to no less than 140 countries.