Bundle Young Product Design

ISBN 978-3-89986-233-1
Language deutsch/engl.
Year of publication 2009
Cover Paperback
Illustrations numerous colour illustrations
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Bundle Young Product Design

New Talents & 10+1

Two outstanding books on product design
the first time available in a bundle!

New Talents

Talents from Europe, USA and Asia show new values in design culture: radical, provoking, trendsetting. Over 50 projects by Jurgen Bey, BLESS, Constantin Boym, Matali Crasset, Dunne + Raby, Marti Guixé, Kram + Weisshaar, among others. With Contributions by Volker Albus and Max Borka.


The publication presents a selection of outstanding design projects of the past eleven years, allowing the reader and observer to trace the development lines of young designers in a set timeframe. Not only completed projects are shown, work processes are also revealed and careers highlighted.

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