best designed modular houses

ISBN 978-3-89986-055-9
Author/Editor Kunz, Martin Nicholas and Michelle Galindo
Language deutsch/engl.
Year of publication 2005
Pages 168
Cover Hardback
Illustrations 147 colour illustrations and 27 plans
Dimensions 9 x 9 in
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best designed modular houses

Who does not dream of owning their own home? To allow these dreams to come true and to make houses affordable, more and more planners are turning to prefabrication as a solution. Whether just individual building elements or the entire house, prefabrication helps to create a home of one’s own even with very limited funds.

The present book is evidence that such off-the-peg houses by no means have to be uniform in appearance. 45 sophisticated examples from all over the world show that there are hardly any limits to individuality. In the US and Australia in particular, a quite unique prefabricated building culture has developed

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