PLOT #11 – Do spatial productions need space?

ISBN 978-3-89986-215-7
Author/Editor Marinescu, Sabine / Poesch, Janina
Language deutsch
Year of publication 2015
Pages 162
Cover Paperback
Dimensions 7.8 x 11.9 in
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PLOT #11 – Do spatial productions need space?

This seems a highly rhetorical question to which the spontaneous answer is a clear “Yes!” Really? Because how is space actually defined and how is it made visible? What are we talking about when we are discussing performances? What spaces are created specifically for this purpose? And where does space end and the performance begin?

In this edition, PLOT#11 addresses a fundamental debate, indulges in some self-reflection and tries to give space an appropriate framework, to define it only to break it up again. The magazine presents performances which indeed cannot do without space but definitely do not configure it in a conventional way.

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