ISBN 978-3-89986-188-4
Author/Editor Warnecke, Jan-Christian
Language deutsch/engl.
Year of publication 2014
Pages 240
Cover Hardback
Illustrations 46 colour illustrations
Dimensions 6.8 x 9.4 in
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Exhibition Planning

The first guide for improved communication between the museum as client and designer as service provider

“Without you it would be easier“ comments editor Jan-Christian Warnecke from Landesmuseum Württemberg in Stuttgart with a twinkle in his eye when talking about the collaboration between client (museum) and contractor (designer) on exhibition projects. Together with guest authors with exhibition experience he investigates this relationship, giving both sides the chance to have their say. That way experienced museum people find out how designers think and designers gain an insight into the organisational structures of museums and the objectives they pursue. Practice-related texts about teaming, conflict potential, project management through to the disagreeable subject of money identify the problems which those involved in planning an exhibition will face, but also the opportunities. The practical and entertaining publication is intended to help the two sides understand each other better - because at the end of the day they both need each other!

With articles by: Edwin Becker, Anja Dauschek, Hans-Peter Hüsch, Christine Kappei, Katja Lembke, Carolyn Marsden-Smith, Dennis Müller, Tobias Neumann, Moritz Schneider, Matthias Ohm, Renate Schliekmann, Ulrich Schwarz

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